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Echoes from the past in the river of time. Elephants in Silent Rooms makes modern psychedelic and is known for their melancholic dreaminess and atmospheric sounds with reference to the 70’s psychedelic rock and synthesizer-driven music of the 80’s.


Elephants in Silent Rooms started as a new studio project by Adrian Trsavec (lead vocals, keys, rhythm guitar) in 2019 before he got his mates from his old childhood band on board, Andreas Fermüller (lead guitar), Aaron Forndran (bass), and Kevin Rubenberger (drums, backing vocals). The first album, Generations (2020), relied on established vibes of 70’s psychedelic rock to create a fresh installment in the modern psych revival. The genre’s staples of harmonized, twangy guitar melodies meet swirling organs to be reimagined into pop songs ready for the summer festival circuit. The lush production places the songs in shoegaze territory with blurry delay and wispy keyboards. „Generations“ is an exploration of time’s effect on our lives searching for artifacts from a time before the present’s uncertainty. Songs like „Days Turn Black“ paint a picture of a future in need of rescuing and a call for people today to take action by setting an example for the next generation.


The long friendship of the band members shines through in the tight musicianship, warm tones, and comfortability of their latest EP journey. “Diving into Vision” is five songs of synth rock that expand on the themes set in motion by the first album. Lead single “Odd Times” is a soothing balm for today’s boredom and anxiety while “Care Anymore” holds a mirror to a world blind to the past and crippled by the news of today. Each track flows together to build an experience, an escape from time.


The modern psychedelic sound places them in the same camp of Tame Impala, Temples, Beach House, and the calmest of King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard. It’s in this in-between times and sounds that the Elephants’ uniqueness peaks through. Each song is a stoner’s dream of gentle guitars, heavenly keyboards, steady beats, and grooving basslines. The music compliments the lyrics which theme around growing older, the tragedies of modernity, and a longing for the past. Elephants in Silent Rooms will have you coming back for music that soothes mind, body, and soul.

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